Shalina Healthcare is privately owned Pharmaceutical Company headquartered in Dubai and have operating offices in Nigeria, Zambia, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Ghana, Kenya, Central African Republic, India and China.

They participate in both the prescription and over-the-counter categories in a broad range of therapeutic groups, including anti-malarials, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and nutrition.

Their product range includes both generic and branded generic products. Shalina Healthcare also offers a range of consumer products in the hygiene segment, most notable with Germol.

Shalina Kenya has registered a number of essential medicines with the MOH, across a range of therapeutic categories, including anti-infectives, anthelmintics and analgesics. We have additional significant pipeline of products under registration.

Shalina manufacturing plant is approved by the Pharmacy and poison board of Kenya and the company currently distribute the pharmaceutical products across Kenya through its own distribution network in Keny