Sucralfate Humid Gel

Sucralfate Humid gel.Skincol

Sucralfate, a non-absorbable substance, is the basic aluminium salt of sucrose octasulphate that acts directly on prostaglandin synthesis; it promotes angiogenesis and binds epidermal growth factor to tissues.
Also, it has an anti-inflammatory effect by inhibiting gamma interferon and interleukin-2.

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Brands of Sucralfate humid gel in Kenya

Skincol Cream,Lisapharm

Sucralfate humid gel, has been proposed for more effective ulcer treatments, opening also to the dermal applications. In fact, topical administration of sucralfate humid gel has been shown to be effective in epithelial wound healing and other skin diseases


Acute wounds:
-Minor injuries
-Surgical wounds-scars

Chronic wounds:
– Bedsores
– Varicose ulcers
Diabetic foot
-chronic ulcers


The cream is applied 1-2 times daily
Experience to date and clinical tests have demonstrated that a moist environment significantly accelerates the healing process, promotes cell division and movement within the wound. At the same time, it maintains a constant temperature within the wound, which is very important for high quality healing. When treating complicated and infected wounds, it is also important to adhere to other treatment requirements such as e.g. appropriate nutrition, wound cleanliness, treatment of associated diseases and adherence to any further medical instructions issued by physicians.


No side effects or adverse events such as allergies, increased pain etc. nor any other contraindications have been described in association with Sucralfate Humid Gel application.


In the event of any adverse events (increased pain, reddening etc.), discontinue treatment and contact your attending physician. Keep away from children. Do not take internally. Do not use after the expiration date marked on the tube.