MOA : Pefloxacin (or Fluoroquinolones in general act by inhibiting two enzymes involved in bacterial DNA synthesis, both of which are DNA topoisomerases that human cells lack and that are essential for bacterial DNA replication, thereby enabling these agents to be both specific and bactericidal.

Drug Label Information | Brands:

Brands of  Pefloxacin in Kenya

Pefaxin®, Emil
Peflobid®, Cadila pharm
Pefloma, ®Plethico
Pelox®, Wockhardt
Perti®, Dr Reddy

Pefloxacin is a quinolone antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections


This generic drug is indicated in the following cases:

Bacterial endocarditis
Gonococcal urethritis in adults
Neuromeningeal infection
Severe digestive and/or biliary infection
Severe osteoarticular infection
Severe otorhinolaryngeal infection
Severe respiratory infection
Severe skin and soft tissue infection
Severe urogenital infection
Treatment replacing injection route for osteoarticular infection
Uncomplicated acute cystitis in females under 65 years old


Tendinitis and rupture, usually of the Achilles tendon, are class-effects of the fluoroquinolones, most frequently reported with pefloxacin. The estimated risk of tendon damage during pefloxacin therapy has been estimated by the French authorities in 2000 to be 1 case per 23,130 treatment days as compared to ciprofloxacin where it has been estimated to be 1 case per 779,600.