Drug Class: Enolic Acid (oxicam) Derivatives


Brands of Lornoxicam in Kenya Flexilor®, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited Noxicam®, Medisel Kenya Ltd MODE OF ACTION The mode of action of lornoxicam is partly based on the inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis (inhibition of cyclo-oxygenase enzyme). The inhibition of cyclo-oxygenase does not result in an increased formation of leukotriene. As with other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, the …

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BRANDS / TRADE NAMES OF MELOXICAM IN KENYA Benacam, Benmed Pharmaceuticals Ltd M-Cam, Unichem Laboratories Ltd Melgesic, Delorbis Pharmaceuticals Limited Mel OD, Cadila Healthcare Limited Melonac, Zest Pharma Melorto, Crest Remedies LLP Meloxee, PSM Pharmaceuticals Ltd Meloz, Zawadi Healthcare Ltd Mexic, Galaxy Pharmaceutical Ltd Mobic, Boehringer Ingelheim international GmbH Mofic, Oceanic Healthcare Limited Muvera, Sun …

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BRANDS / TRADE NAMES OF PIROXICAM AVAILABLE IN KENYA Caroxicam, Careplus Ltd Feldene, Pfizer Pirocam, Laboratory & Allied Ltd Piromed, CPSC OUYI Pharma Co. Ltd Piroxicam, Crown Healthcare Piroxy, National Pharmacy Ltd Roxicam, Biodeal Laboratories Ltd. PIROXICAM MODE OF ACTION While its mode of action is not fully understood, independent studies in vitro as well …

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